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Dr Joanne Elliott



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The School of Chemistry

University of Reading,


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Dr. J.M. Elliott joined the School of Chemistry in 2000 and has research interests in the field of mesoporous electrode materials. Current work involves developing analytical applications of mesoporous electrodes and attempts to correlate nanostructure with electrocatalytic activity.

Research Activities

Analytical applications of mesoporous electrodes

Work has concentrated on the development of electroanalytical applications of mesoporous platinum electrodes. In particular, the further development and application of mesoporous platinum microelectrodes has been undertaken. Mesoporous microelectrodes provide the unique combination of efficient mass transport together with a high surface area.  Such electrodes have proved to be very useful for studying kinetically limited reactions.


Correlating nanostructure with electrocatalytic activity

By producing mesoporous electrodes using the technique of liquid crystal templating a degree of control over both the nanoarchitecture and the surface area of the electrode can be achieved. Attempts to correlate electrocatalytic activity with electrode nanostructure are currently ongoing.


Selected Publications

1.      Mesoporous platinum films from lyotropic liquid crystalline phases, *Attard G.S., Bartlett P.N., Coleman N.R.B., Elliott J.M., Owen J.R., Wang J.H., Science, 1997, 278, 5339, 838-840

2.      Nanostructured platinum films effects of electrodeposition conditions on film properties, *Elliott J.M., Attard G.S., Bartlett P.N., Owen J.R., Merckel D.A.S., Chem. Mater., 1999, 11, 3602-3609

3.      Platinum microelectrodes with unique high surface areas, *Elliott J.M. Birkin P.R, Bartlett P.N, Attard G.S., Langmuir, 1999, 22, 15, 7411-7415

4.      Electrochemical reduction of oxygen on mesoporous platinum microelectrodes, *Birkin P.R., Elliott J.M., Watson Y.E., Chem. Commun., 2000, 1693-1694

5.      Detection of hydrogen peroxide at mesoporous platinum microelectrodes, Evans S.A.G., Elliott J.M., Andrews L.M., Bartlett P.N., Doyle P.J., *Denuault G., Anal. Chem., 2002, 74, 6, 1322-1326

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