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Hot topics in Nanoscience and Materials in the 2010-11seminar series

Ground floor chemistry lecture theatre LTG 2:30pm unless otherwise stated


Speaker and Title

12 Jan 2011  

"Functional Materials Synthesised by Controlled Polymer Chemistry"

Dr Lian Hutchings, Department of Chemistry,
University of Durham


9 March 2011  

"Understanding and controlling dopant precursor chemistry at silicon surfaces in UHV"

Dr Neil J Curson, London Centre for Nanotechnology

8 April 2011

Friday 2:30 Chem LTG


"Anisotropic thermal conduction in polymers"

Prof. David C. Venerus

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL


11 May 2011

2pm in Chem LTG


High photon flux Diamond B23 Beamline for Circular Dichroism and its Applications.”.

Prof Giuliano Siligardi

Diamond Light Source


26 July 2011

4pm in LTG


"Exploring internal surfaces of zeolites with IR spectroscopy"

Dr. F. Thibault-Starzyk, Laboratoire Catalyse et Spectrochimie,

ENSICAEN-Université de Caen-CNRS, France


2 Nov 2011

2pm LTG


“Using RAFT for the synthesis of functional nanostructures”

Dr Rachel K. O'Reilly

University of Warwick

16th Nov 2011

2pm in LTG


Cucurbiturils at the interface between supramolecular chemistry and materials science

Dr Oren  Scherman

 University of Cambridge


  Further talks TBC


2:00pm Chemistry Ground Floor Lecture Theatre  (LTG) unless otherwise stated


Previous Events

Seminars 2009-10


Speaker and Title


6th  Oct 2009

Chemistry G50

"Amorphous and Crystalline Drug Nanosuspensions"

Professor Ulf Olssen, Lund University, Sweden

THURSDAY 11:30am

9th  Oct 2009

Chemistry G50


"Understanding Enantioselectivity on Chirally Modified Surfaces in Ultrahigh Vacuum"

Prof Wilfred T. Tysoe,

 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

11 Nov 2009

"Computing Chirality in Helical Peptides and Nanotubes"

Prof Jonathan Hirst, University of Nottingham

Postponed to Spring "Polymeric self-assemblies: the emerging nanocarriers for the delivery of proteins, oligonucleotides and drugs"

Dr Woei Ping Cheng, University of Hertfordshire

9 Dec 2009 "Bio, Micro and Nano Capabilities at the Science and Technology Facilities Council"

Dr Bob Stevens, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

10 Dec 2009


CfAM rm. 13

Joint with CfAM

"A phenomenological approach to quantitative Low Voltage Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy"

Dr Laura Felisari
CNR-INFM TASC National Laboratory Trieste, Italy

16 Dec 2009 "How does corneal structure determine vision?"

Dr Craig Boote, Cardiff University

10 Feb 2010 "Commercializing Nanotechnology, from Engineering to Application"

Prof. Peter Dobson, Oxford University

17 Feb 2010 "Nanoscale Fibres via Electrospinning"

Prof. Geoffrey  Mitchell, University of Reading

24 Feb 2010 "Polymeric self-assemblies: the emerging nanocarriers for the delivery of proteins, oligonucleotides and drugs"

Dr Woei Ping Cheng, University of Hertfordshire

3 Mar 2010

Chem. LT1


"Amyloid oligomers in the pathogenesis and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease"

Professor Brian Austen, University Hospital, London

10 Mar 2010 "Phase diagram of alpha-helical and beta-sheet forming peptides"

Dr Stefan Auer, University of Leeds

19 Mar 2010

2pm in G50

Workshop on Nanotechnology in Food
12 May 2010 "Polymer Droplets on the Nanoscale"

Professor Kari Dalnoki-Veress, McMaster University, Canada


26 November 2010

11am Basset Room



R. D. Diehl
Department of Physics, Penn State University, USA


  Further talks TBC


2:30pm Chemistry Ground Floor Lecture Theatre  (LTG) unless otherwise stated

Seminars 2008-9


Speaker and Title



29 Sept 2008


 "How do entangled polymers move? New insight from computer simulations and theory"

Prof Ronald Larson,  University of Michigan



15 Oct 2008


Microdroplets in microfluidics

Prof Wilhelm Huck, University of Cambridge


28 Oct 2008

"Chiral Surface Systems"

Dr Georg Held, University of Reading
(Joint with Chemistry Seminar Series)



5 Nov 2008





12 Nov 2008

"Natural polymers of bacterial origin and their medical applications"

Dr Ipsita Roy, University of Westminster


19 Nov 2008


"Supramolecular self-assembly at surfaces: climbing up the complexity ladder"

Dr. Giovanni Costantini, University of Warwick


 12 Jan 2009

11am Engineering 318

"Computer Modelling of Polymer Glass Transition in Bulk and Thin Fims"

Prof. Alexey V. Lyulin, Eindhoven University of Technology and Dutch Polymer Institute

 13 Jan 2009

2pm Maths 100

"Primitive chain network model for entangled polymer dynamics"

Prof. Yuichi Masubuchi, University of Kyoto


25 Feb 2009

"Towards generation of 1D device structures beyond expected scaling limits"

Prof. Michael A Morris, University College Cork
and Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices, Trinity College Dublin


1 April 2009

2:30pm LT1


"Self-assembling gel-phase materials: component selection from mixtures"

Dr Andrew Hirst, University of Manchester



6 May 2009

Physics RH

"Self-organising nanostructures based on dibenzylidene sorbitol"

Dr Supatra Wangsoub

Naresuan University, Thailand


27 May 2009

"Microfluidic processing of complex fluids: opportunities and limitations"

Dr. João T. Cabral

Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London


1 June 2009


"Star Polymers; Versatile Macromolecular Architectures with a Bright Future"

Dr Anton Blencowe

University of Melbourne


10 June 2009

"Peptides and Peptide-Polymer Conjugates as Tuneable Hydrogelators"

Dr. Dave Adams, Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool


1 July 2009

"Inhibitors of Protein Aggregation and Toxicity - New Therapies for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases"

Professor Andrew Doig, University of Manchester


15 July 2009

"Exploring and exploiting amyloid architectures for biomedical and nanomaterials applications"

Dr David Middleton, University of Liverpool


29 July 2009


"Biological Applications of Droplet Based Microfluidics"

Dr Annela Seddon, Imperial College


2:30pm Chemistry Ground Floor Lecture Theatre  (LTG) unless otherwise stated


Seminars 2007-8


Speaker and Title



24 Oct 2007


"Particles, emulsions and microporous materials"

Prof Andrew Cooper, University of Liverpool



31 Oct 2007


No seminar



7 Nov 2007




“Nanostructures by Ionic Self-Assembly: Switchable Functionality and New Tectonic Motifs”

Dr Charl Faul, University of Bristol



21 Nov 2007


"Developing Ideas for Small Molecule Gelation"

Dr Andrew Hirst, University of York



28 Nov 2007


“Controlling the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes through covalent sidewall functionalisation”

Dr Michael Hunt, University of Durham


12 Dec 2007


 “Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy : Current Status and Future Prospects”

Prof Angus Kirkland, University of Oxford



9 Jan 2008


"Understanding the structural basis of protein misfolding"

Dr Louise Serpell, University of Sussex



16 Jan 2008


"Coherent X-ray Diffraction as a Materials Research Tool for the Nanoscale"

Prof Ian Robinson, London Centre for Nanotechnology and Diamond Light Source


30 Jan 2008


Nanoscience and Materials Theme Afternoon

Madejski Theatre and LT104 from 2pm



Postponed to Chemistry summer lecture series


“Interfaces in flux: from crystals to membranes”

Professor Patrick Unwin, University of Warwick



12 Mar 2008


“Optical spectroscopy at the nanometer scale”
Dr Ian Lindsay, University of Bristol

4 June 2008

"'Opportunities for surface structural analysis at Diamond Beamline I07'"

Dr Chris Nicklin, Diamond Light Source Ltd

11 June 2008

"Interfacial Control in Colloidal Polymer Nanocomposites and Applications in Adhesives"

Professor Joe Keddie, University of Surrey


2:30pm Chemistry Lecture Theatre 1 (LT1) unless otherwise stated

Seminars 2006-7



Speaker and Title



8 Nov 2006


"From knots to Nature- making interlocked molecules and the move into publishing"

Dr Stuart Cantrill, Nature Nanotechnology



13 Nov 2006


"Self-Assembling Peptides and Proteins: structure, property and potential applications"

Dr Aline F. Miller, University of Manchester



22 Nov 2006



“Probing Reaction Pathways on Model Catalys Surfaces: Vinyl Acetate Synthesis and Olefin Metathesis”

Dr Wilfred (Eddy) Tysoe, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee




4 Dec 2006

Location TBC



"NCD - The last resort of the desperate"

Dr Nick Terrill, Diamond


13 Dec 2006

 “Carbon nanotube growth: The role of the catalyst’”

Dr. Nicole Grobert, University of Oxford


17 Jan 2007

 “Organising atoms, clusters and proteins on surfaces”

Professor Richard E Palmer, University of Birmingham


24 Jan 2007

“Nano-colanders from self-assembled block copolymers”

Dr Geoff Moggridge, University of Cambridge



31 Jan 2007


"Self-Assembling Peptides and Proteins: structure, property and potential applications"

Dr Aline F. Miller, University of Manchester



21 Feb 2007

“Electrodeposition through colloidal templates: fabrication of nanostructures, photonic properties and applications”

Professor Phil Bartlett, University of Southampton



28 Feb 2007

 “X-ray Nanoscience”

Dr Sarnjeet Dhesi, Diamond


7 March 2007

"How well can we control protein aggregation?"

Prof Athene Donald, University of Cambridge



25 April 2007

"Self-organised Nanoparticle Assemblies: A Panoply of Patterns"

Prof Philip Moriarty, University of Nottingham


2 May 2007

"Direct Spinning of Carbon Nanotube Fibres"

Prof Alan Windle, University of Cambridge



16 May 2007

"The dynamics of fibrous motor proteins"

Dr Thomas Waigh, University of Machester



30 May 2007

"Watching single molecule chemistry on a metal oxide surface"

Prof Geoff Thornton, UCL



6 June 2007

"Physical Chemistry of Hybrids from Polymer and Silica"

Prof Uli Wiesner, Materials Science and Engineering,

Cornell University


13 June 2007

Nike Lecture Theatre

Diamond Research Day

seven speakers from Diamond

start 09:30-55, finish 16:40, programme here


2:30pm Chemistry Lecture Theatre 2 unless otherwise stated


Previous Events

Seminars 2005-6


Speaker and Title

18th  October


“Optical biosensing on the nano and microscale”

Dr Tracy Melvin, Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton


25th October


 “Nanotechnology for the lazy: self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots”

Dr Gavin Bell, University of Warwick

1st November


 “Life on the edge: the dynamics of electronic surface states”

Dr Simon Crampin, University of Bath

8th November


“Hierarchical Order in Block Copolymers Containing Peptide or Liquid Crystal Units”

Prof Ian Hamley, University of Reading


22nd November


Dr Jonathon Booth, Johnson Matthey, Title tbc

29th November


“Interfacial and nanoscale properties in semiconducting polymers”

Dr J. Emyr McDonald, Cardiff University


6th December

 “Control of Pattern Formation in Thin Films”

Prof Ulli Steiner, Cambridge University



 1:45pm Right Hand Lecture Theatre, Physics

Interdisciplinary Surface Science Conference (17) was very succesfully held at the University of Reading 30 March - 2 April 2009.

ISSC is the flagship UK conference series in the field of surface science and thin film research.

The conference covered all areas related to surface science, fundamental catalysis and thin films.

Further details may be found here.


Thursday 8th July 'Accelerated Dynamics Simulations of Carbon Nanostructures' Blas Uberuaga, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The University of Reading hosted the inaugural meeting of the Nanoscale Physics and Technology Group of the Institute of Physics on the 23rd May 2003. The meeting was very successful with over ninety delegates participating. Further archived material can be found here.

Meeting May 2003
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